Case Study

Air Canada Race Kissimmee 2018


Experience Kissimmee partnered with Air Canada for the 8th edition of the Air Canada Race, a highly anticipated national travel agent competition. This was the first time the race was held in North America and it hosted 45 travel professionals competing for a chance to win amazing prizes. This gave qualifying agencies from across Canada the chance to win their spot on the race and join Air Canada and Experience Kissimmee, for a five-day adventure from August 26 to August 30, 2018.

The race also hosted key travel trade media who were given the opportunity to actually compete in the race and experience it alongside the agents to make for unique stories. Journalists from Baxter, OpenJaw and PAX News attended and provided daily coverage on each of the exciting day’s events. In addition to the coverage in the publications that participated, there was also coverage secured in Travel Industry Today, TravelPulse and TravelWeek. A unique hashtag for the race, #ACRaceKissimmee, was also created and generated over 50K impressions on Twitter.



Kissimmee is home to world famous theme parks including Walt Disney® World Resort and Universal™ Orlando Resort, along with stunning natural surroundings, and countless outdoor adventures. The itinerary for the race successfully showcased many of Kissimmee`s key pillars covering 3 theme parks, golf courses, outdoor adventure activities and more.

Result: Over 60 pieces of coverage were generated across, social, online and e-blasts and at least 1 hit was secured across every Canadian travel trade outlet (English speaking) generating a combined reach of  over 1 million